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born genius' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
born genius

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[23 Oct 2002|04:49pm]


i think my parents found out abt the smoking. whatevvvv.
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[04 Oct 2002|08:28pm]

hi mikey.
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[18 Aug 2002|01:41pm]

you're the greatest thing in my whole world.
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[08 Aug 2002|02:14am]

[ mood | irate ]

i cried when christina christian got voted off american idol.
likes: overbites, flirting with waiters, reality television.
dislikes: paula abdul and money.
dude, i have a plan. let's you me and amadeo escape to california and crash the american idol house. what a fucking party.

til tuesday,
laura nicole dylan faulds.

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[06 Aug 2002|12:32am]

[ mood | morose ]

amadeo and me
in my bedroom
listening to todd rundgren
watching a baseball game.

the phone rings;
it's mikey. he's coming over.
we're all big smiles
and eyes
and mikey's sideburns.

we all three of us run away,
me in the passenger seat.
he's in the back:
looking over our shoulders.

mikey drives fast; i do the drugs.
amedeo rolls the joints.

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[05 Aug 2002|08:35pm]

do you realize that the first time we ever spoke was on JULY TWENTY FIFTH? yeah that's right. our man's fucking birthday. how awesome is that?

ps- remember how i couldn't remember the really famous person that i met? well, i remember now. it was MARK WAHLBERG.

look how hot our userpics are. this is the best community evah.
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[05 Aug 2002|01:48pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

<font size="1>one of the highlights of amadeo's acclaimed performance as the young richie tenenbaum is when he exclaims "hi, eli!". you know what i'm talking about. he is so radiant and dynamic. there is so much vitality in his young voice. he is the new mary tyler moore, or john lennon. mikey let's hide out in the african wing of the public archives.

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[05 Aug 2002|02:03am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

hi amadeo fans!!!!

well all i have to say for myself is that the first time i saw amadeo act was the first time i really knew who i was. his smiling face was an integral part of my personal journey towards self-discovery. i wish that i knew him. i wish that he loved me like i love him. i wish i knew where he lived and i wish that his parents, john turturro and katherine borowitz, would invite mikey and i over for dinner and we'd all eat dinner together and be so happy and mikey and i would play video games with amadeo and he'd tell us about school and his amazing career and everything would be okay in the world. oh god. oh god. i love him so much.


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